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The Transportation Master Plan is being updated to guide the future development and implementation of transportation infrastructure and operations in the City. The Arizona Avenue Alternatives Analysis Study will evaluate high-capacity transit options to connect transit riders from the current light rail system to areas along Arizona Avenue.

The year-long planning process kicked off with three community meetings held at various locations in late January 2019 for the community to have an opportunity to provide their comments and thoughts related to transportation in Chandler as it relates to vehicles, bicycle, pedestrian and transit elements.  The planning team is currently working to develop a draft plan which will be provided at a future community meeting, tentatively scheduled for late Summer 2019.

For information specifically about Valley Metro’s Arizona Avenue Study, visit their project website.

Project Background

As Chandler grows and matures, the City is faced with significant challenges, especially in the area of transportation planning.  The vitality and livability of a community is largely dependent on the quality of its transportation system.  The planning that goes into the development of this system is among the most important activities performed by your City government.

Chandler’s Transportation Master Plan was last updated in 2010 and over the next few years, the City will be completing the remaining arterial street improvements as well as many of the other transit, bicycle, and pedestrian-related projects recommended in the current plan. 

Chandler has changed considerably since 2010, including population and employment growth, new residential and commercial development, and the introduction of autonomous vehicle technologies.

Chandler has contracted with a consulting firm with expertise in transportation planning to assist the City in updating the current Transportation Master Plan. In addition, Chandler’s Transportation Commission comprised of seven citizens representing a variety of community interests will serve as the Master Plan Update’s steering committee and help guide the public involvement process.

Your input is very important as we work together to improve our community’s transportation system!

Project Info:  480.898.4060